March 27, 2020
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Gain Productivity on Your Notebook Computer with an External Mouse

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Does the touchpad on your laptop give you nothing but trouble? I know the feeling! Unless a laptop is your main computer, you may have a hard time switching from a mouse on your main machine to the touchpad.

I know that a lot of people find trackpads hard to use. It's very easy to accidentally send your mouse cursor flying across the screen with a stray touch of the pad. This can be a huge pain when doing precise work such as copying and pasting large portions of text or any graphic design work.

The simplest solution is to plug an external mouse into your laptop's USB port. A regular mouse is much more comfortable and easier to use than a touchpad. It's also more precise.

There are two choices when it comes to mice. With a cord or without. Corded mice are cheap and easy to come buy. You may even have an extra one already. The drawback is the cord. It's usually much too long to use on a laptop computer and frequently gets tangled or caught on objects.

Cordless mice have no wires at all and take up very little space on your desk. Some models store the USB dongle in the body of the mouse when you aren't using it. Simply take the dongle out, plug it into a USB port and you are ready to go. The big downside to cordless mice is the fact that they require batteries. The battery always tends to run out of juice right when you are in the process of doing something very important on your computer. Carrying an extra battery or using rechargeable ones can help with this issue.

Here's a great tip. Under your mouse options you can tell the computer to turn off the touchpad when you have another mouse plugged in. This will eliminate accidental touches of the trackpad. Trust me, it can prevent a lot of frustration!

An external mouse plugged into your notebook computer can really make a difference in usability. Quit fiighting with your touchpad and test it out. I bet you won't be able to go back!


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