June 25, 2020
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Headphone Extension Cable- More Room to Listen

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A headphone extension cable can be a great way to give yourself additional options when it comes to listening to music. Many headphones have the problem of having a very short cord. This means that you can only move around in the short space given to you by however long the cord that came with the headphones is. If you have a headphone extension cable, then it extends your range of movement by an amount equal to the length of the audio cable. This can be a major advantage in general if you need freedom of movement.

Whether a headphone extension cable is useful or not really depends on the cord itself, as well as the cord. If the length of the cord attached naturally to the headphones is already long, it may not be needed. But if the cord is short, you might be really handicapped without an extension cord. It also depends a lot on what you're actually doing. For example, if you need to move around such as in a studio, then an extension cord is quite necessary. But if you will just be sitting in place and listening to a move on your computer, you might not need the cord.

Generally when it comes to a headphone extension cable, the end of the original headphones is called the "male" part. This will fit into the "female" part of the extension cable. The extension cable will then end in another male part. You can plug this male part into any female part that takes the standard size of headphone jacks. It's important to pay attention to the size of male and female parts for sound equipment as well. Some use special terms like "micro" or something similar. You need to look at what the actual size is in inches or centimetres, and make sure it's the same.

This is because if you get a headphone extension cable that is the wrong size, it simply won't fit together. And this will result in wasted money. It's also worth noting extension cables that switch sizes. For example, you could have a cable that has a female part that takes 1/8 of an inch male part. The male part of the extension cable could then be in a different size, like 1/6th of an inch. This allows you to use headphones for sizes that aren't compatible. This is often a problem with cell phones, for example.


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