July 12, 2020
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Advantages of a LCD TV

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LCD TV's (liquid crystal display) are on of the most popular types of HDTV's on the market today. LCD technology has been in use for several years. Many of us remember the days of CRT computer monitors but most people have moved on to LCD computer monitors. The technology used for computer monitors has evolved to high definition televisions and they are growing fast.

LCD HDTV's main competition is plasma television. Up until recently, plasma was shockingly more expensive tha LCD but with advances in technology, their prices are becoming more similar. So if pricing is pretty similar, then which TV is the better option? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For now, we will be focusing on the advantages of LCD televisions.

Advantage 1: Screen Glare. Plasma TV's have a reflective, glass looking screen. LCD screens have more of a matte finish. Because of this, you don't have to worry as much about having too much light in your room. LCD TV's are a great option for theater rooms, kitchens, living rooms and just about anywhere else. You don't have to be stuffed in a cave to see the picture.

Advantage 2: Energy Use. LCD TV's use much less energy than plasma TV's. Running a plasma TV could cost you several hundred dollars more per year just to own. With the recent "green" movement, you will be helping the environment by avoiding plasma.

Advantage 3: Size. LCD is available in a very wide size range. You can get LCD screens anywhere from 5 inches to 65 inches or higher. Plasma screens are usually only available in the 40 inch or greater range.

Advantage 4: Price. Even though plasma's are getting cheaper, you will still save a few bucks by going with a LCD. Most people can't even tell the difference between LCD and plasma so save a few bucks and go LCD. With our current economy, who doesn't want to save money?

Advantage 5: Wall Mounting. You can wall mount most LCD or plasma HDTV's. Wall mounting is a great option for several reasons. First, it looks very styling and modern. Second, it frees up space in small or cluttered living rooms. Lastly, you can mount them with a swing arm so you can position the TV in any direction that you want.

These are some of the most common advantages listed for LCD TV's over other types of high definition TV's. Each has its pro's and con's but these advantages may persuade you to buy LCD.


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