Don't ask me why, but last night I woke up thinking about desks. I guess it's because I spend a lot of time at one. It is where I do both my work and my play (computer games). I guess you could say I'm as addicted to my desk as I am to the computer. But that's another story. The thing that dawned on me is what a pal my desk has become.Think about it.

27 Mar 20

People have liked to play games since ancient times. Games have become a bigger part of people's lives. In 1971 the first arcade game come along and it was this game's destiny to tremendously change the way people play games. Galaxy game was the original coin video game in an arcade. It was at Stanford University; this game never went commercial.

27 Apr 20

LCD TV's (liquid crystal display) are on of the most popular types of HDTV's on the market today. LCD technology has been in use for several years. Many of us remember the days of CRT computer monitors but most people have moved on to LCD computer monitors. The technology used for computer monitors has evolved to high definition televisions and they are growing fast.

12 Jul 20

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18 Oct 20
How does electronics recycling help? One cell phone can contaminate one hundred fifty-eight gallons of water? Two and a half ounces of oil are used to make one inkjet cartridge, and in 2004 the number of inkjet cartridges thrown away, if stacked end-to-end, would circle the earth? In short, electronics recycling helps not only you, but everyone around you.
10 Nov 20
Receiving the right computer is important and you will recognize that a laptop is a thing that most folks are getting these days. You will see that laptop computers are popular because of the fact that you can take them anywhere. Another reason that this is so popular is mainly because you can use it with the battery while not having to plug it in.
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26 Oct 20
Children's Computer Software is a great way to let your kids have safe, fun, and educational experiences while learning how to be computer savvy. It is undeniable that the computer has become a large aspect of life and communication. Although computer literacy is learned in school, many parents acknowledge the importance of gaining computer literacy early, at home.
21 Nov 20
If you are into gadgets then here is a site that has all the new gadgets. They are continuously putting new gadgets online in their store. They started about two years ago and have been growing ever since. They have gadgets for everyone. They make sure that the gadgets are of quality content and great design.
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